Nutritious Party Snacks For Kids

Nutritious Party Snacks For Kids

When you are planning for a party, or you have to entertain a crowd of kids that includes some serious kids, you want to ensure that you and your children are having healthy and nutritious snacks. Children will always eat what is put in front of them however if you control their choice, they will still enjoy their treats but they will be healthier because of it. There are a large variety of nutritious snack choices that you can offer at a party with just a little effort.

When you are preparing for a party, it is important to have fun, For this, you may need to call a friend or relative for some suggestions and even join an online chat room if you want some advice. Many children like to have a snack while at the party, and not everyone will object to this, especially if the snack choice is healthy. Many parents wonder if there is anything that should be done before hand. Your relative or friend may have some suggestions that they can give you.

Here are a few nutritious party snacks for kids that you can easily prepare.


This is a safe choice for a party snack, especially if it is a fruit that is in its natural form. For example an apple or a banana is very filling and will satisfy your child’s craving for a sweet snack. There are many other fruits that are also filling and appropriate for parties of all ages.

Cereal and Yogurt:

If your children ask for cereal and yogurt, simply provide them with a bowl of cereal and a small glass of yogurt. You do not have to battle with them on the matter of taste, simply provide them with these as party snacks.

Fruit Mints:

These are a good choice for children who enjoy chewing on mints. You can also try providing a bag of candy coated capsicum with some candy magic essence to trick your child. This may work on children who are not in the mood for vegetables.

There are many other nutritious choices that you can make for a party, that will also provide the same fun feel that many children enjoy. Remember to include a few resists — one for each prost in your child’s diet. If your child has a difficult time eating three veggies say simply don’t include that veggie into their diet. If they have an even harder time with veggies, try serving a few of the snacks that we’ve mentioned above. This will allow them to have a nice balance of tastes without completely sabotaging their efforts.

Of course, you may want to adjust depending on the needs of your child. Some children do better with a smaller amount of dairy products while some do better with larger amounts. You can experiment with your child’s needs and then work with them to find the right snack for your child at that particular time.

Of course, you should include some of the nutritious snacks with a note of caution. Many children love to consume sweets. If you include candy along with the suggested servings of fruit and other veggies, your child will most likely feel deprived of the sweets he or she loves. Removing the candy as soon as you find a sugary masala will keep them from eating it.

You have to consider the birthday party that your child is attending. Some children do better with a smaller amount of vegetables while others prefer to eat a combination of sweets and greasy barbequed meats. You will need to adapt your strategy accordingly. For example, many children love to have a bit of vegetables and then move on to the sweets. You must strike a balance to suit the needs of your child.

Of course, you should include a good variety of candies or fruit to keep your child from getting bored. You will need to tell your party host well in advance of your celebration. Give your child a few choices of candies so that there are checkmating opportunities without snacks getting bated.

Some children do better with eating sweets that are lollipops or spinning tops or colorful bounce balls. Whichever the children are, you can make them feel happier with banana Nutritional Bars or spinning tops. Some of these tops can be dipped in chocolate, vanilla or peach slices.

To make Nutritional Bars, whiz the HypnoBurnd 42070 at 450 degrees for 3-5 minutes. Then dip the bars in chocolate, vanilla or peach slices, and sprinkle with almonds or a bit of chocolate antioxidant to make it look like a candy bar. Let them stand for 10 minutes or until chocolate is melted. Snack on this until the chocolate cools to about 45 degrees before cutting.

Your child will appreciate the different looks the different dips can give them. Many children will have no idea that they are eating cauliflower. Other children will get excited over shrimp kabobs and cheese or tuna munching. You can come up with all kinds of different ideas to make snack time more fun for your children.