The Benefits of Wheatgrass Juice

The first time I tried wheatgrass juice was about seven or eight years ago. I thought it would taste like the best thing I had ever tasted but I was dead wrong. I have since learned through experience that to truly experience the benefits of wheatgrass juice you must taste it. The way it was meant to be experienced.

This article will teach you some of the history behind wheatgrass and how it has become so popular as a dietary supplement.

History of Wheatgrass

The first mention of wheatgrass dates back to historical figures around 700 B.C. These earliest known references to wheatgrass as a food comes from the text of the Egyptians in 2570 B.C. According to├ęs sources, it was taken by the Egyptian oxen to supplement their low protein diets during the Egyption era. The wheatgrass plant was domesticated from the wild grass called foenugo. Etymologists state that the Egyptians grew about twenty acres of wheatgrass patches in the royal name of Nefru, usually fed to the oxen and others to supplement their low protein diet of usually just wheat, barley and millet.

In thearine Central Asianago, wheatgrass was harvested, sugared and made into a drink similar to ginger ale. The people who lived in these regions considered wheatgrass as sacred, to be consumed only on special occasions. It was only introduced to the Europeans after the 15th century.

Wheatgrass Juice Health Benefits

Wheatgrass Juice Health Benefits

Because the health benefits have only been documented as recently as the last decade, wheatgrass juice health benefits are estimated to be much greater than is currently figured. It is estimated that wheatgrass has 100 times more chlorophyll than any other plant which makes it a power house of natural nutrition. Wheatgrass juice has been cited as a cancer preventer, cleanses the colon, and is known as a body cleanser. These claims are made because wheatgrass has an abundance of the vitamins and minerals that are thought to be linked to combating cancer. Studies are still being conducted but it is growing in popularity as a anticancer agent.

One of the unique health benefits of wheatgrass juice is how it is a great source of alkaline minerals. The importance of alkaline minerals was first recognized by Dr. Charles Norman in 1929. Norman’s research provided the first real evidence that plant alkaloids were responsible for the healing and re-balancing of the body’s pH.

In the 30 years since that discovery, research in the field of alkaloids has vastly increased. Alkaloids are the part of the plants that contain the most therapeutic active compounds. Research scientists have been able to identify over 2000 alkaloids in a plant. The only way to harvest these precious alkaloids is by using a special and patented process that maintains the health benefits of the wheatgrass while at the same time delivering the elements to the juice. Special equipment and safe practices are needed to produce these wheatgrass juices safely. For you to experience the healing qualities of wheatgrass you need the juice, juice extractor and wheatgrass juicer.

Wheatgrass Juicer History

Tomatoes are the most commonly used fruit in America. Purchases of canned, home-made, chemical-laden tomatoes have given rise to concerns about the nutritional content of the tomatoes and the additives that are used for preservation.

In 1940 he invented the wheatgrass juicer known as the Norwalk juicer. He spent a few years developing the first juicer from the ground up, designing and testing it until heunique design was finally perfected in heck. He started selling the juicer into the market and it was not long before everyone fell sick and went back to eating their home-made foods.

After selling the first batch, he then started improving the juicer, making improvements to the cutting mechanism, and testing a number of components. The improvements made in the juicer made the juicer last longer, and could process mixtures of fruit and vegetable matter.

After he finally managed to make a commercial product, Norwalk launched a product line of juicer products under the brand Norwalk International. The brand enjoyed brisk sales for years until the introduction of the Norwalk juicer in 1992. This was a critical turning point in the history of the juicing industry.